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"Donna is an absolute joy to work with. A wonderful person and a very brave actress. She works hard, determined to drill every moment and she does!  A flare for the comedic can instantly shift to the unpredictable rhythms of drama, where she truly listens and truly reacts!" 

Tennyson Bardwell - award-winning screenwriter/director (Dorian Blues, The Skeptic) 

“Donna brings a vulnerability to her work as an actress which lends itself nicely to comedy, especially off-beat, as well as drama, especially "the other woman" kind of roles.  In addition to Donna’s talent, she has the will, drive, determination and dedication to work in the market of stage, film or television.  Take the time to see her.  It will be an audition well spent.  Casting her, with her work ethic, will be an asset to your endeavor.”

Terry Schreiber — founder of  T. Schreiber Studio

"Donna Ross = Amazing!  Amazing actor, collaborator, and person. Thank you for the love, professionalism, and intuitive, witty, sensitivity that you put into your craft.  Your portrayal of Shirlie Mae in Roll On! was like no other, enabling me to see her in ways I had never considered before.  Look forward to opportunities to work together with you again."

Marshall Opie - Playwright & Executive Director ROLL ON! Productions


"Then there’s Donna Ross, whose work is so pointed and precise. It’s laugh-out-loud funny when she so forthrightly directs the line “Let‘s do better tomorrow” into the eyes of Eileen Lacy’s Miss Margaret, an aging actress in Cabaret."

Brette Epstein - review of "Miss Hope's"

"I just had the pleasure of working with Donna on the comedy series Foot Soldiers. She is a true professional and went above and beyond my expectations to contribute, not only her acting talent, but also her amazing music talent. Donna came up with the perfect theme song for the show and really captured the essence of the show. I owe so much to her contribution and look forward to working with her again. When you hear that sultry voice, please know that it is Donna who is singing. I was blown away!."

Frances Miller - creator/writer/co-producer of "Foot Soldiers"

"Donna Ross is certainly the most natural and inviting of all the performers in this tricky four-dimensional arena."

Mitch Montgomery - Surreal Time Press review of "The Photo Album" at the Game Play Festival

“From her audition through the shooting of her scenes, Donna Ross exhibited a great level of professionalism, fearlessness and comedic timing that helped bring the character I wrote alive.  The sex appeal and playfulness were just icing on the cake. With her wide range of skills, I definitely see myself casting Donna in future productions."

Tony Clomax — writer/director of award-winning web series “12 Steps To Recovery”

“With a passion for her craft and an abundance of positive energy, Donna Ross is a versatile actress who invariably brings life to the dramatic and comedic characters she portrays.”

Kristine Bulakowski — Kristine Bulakowski Casting


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“Donna is easy to work with, takes direction well and offers thoughtful insights regarding her characters.  She carries with her a great amount of positivity and enthusiasm on set and collaborates well with all involved parties, including the director, cinematographer and other actors.  I was so impressed with her performance that I immediately cast her in a lead role in another short fllm.  Though I highly recommend her, I encourage you to view her work, as her ability speaks for itself.”

Dan Quitero — cowriter/director of “Betsy Ross is Dead” & cowriter of “Shear Pratique”

"Donna brings so much life, energy and creativity to set .  If you want an actress to provide a killer performance but also an enjoyable person to spend time with, Donna is the perfect person for your production.

Jenna Gelenberg - Freelance Casting Director

DonnaRoss-726 FLTC.jpg

"Donna is a professional and instinctual actress with plenty of talent.  She is willing to go the extra mile to accomplish what is needed for her performance. She gets along with the cast and crew.  Most importantly, she is very respectful and courteous. I hope to work with her again and again, as many times as possible.

Clayton Broomes Jr — writer/director of "Grey Dawn"

"The Voice of an angel.  Very Professional.  A blessing to have in your productions."

Damian Bailey — writer/director "SCAR"

“Donna Ross is a gifted actress who takes direction and applies it to develop her character.  She is a pleasure to work with and when opening night comes she is ready and steps up to the occasion.”

Mario Corry — director of “In Love Again”

“Donna is not only a talented actress but a great example of the proactive actor!  She's constantly studying to improve her craft and is always up-to-date with what's going on in show business.  Plus she has a wonderful upbeat personality to boot.  I would highly recommend her for any job.”

Tony Nation — president/partner of Actors Connection


“Donna has a natural comedic talent.  The successful transformation she made in our film underscores her determination to “get” a part and play it right.  She has such a lively, gung-ho spirit.  She's patient, flexible, easygoing and 100% behind the cast and crew. She was a pleasure to work with, and I hope to be lucky enough in the future to work with her again.”

Maura Feeny — cowriter “Shear Pratique” and cowriter/director “Betsy Ross Is Dead”

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