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Catch Donna Ross on Amazon Prime in Not One, But TWO new films!

Updated: Aug 13, 2018

See Donna now in The Networker and American Fango both currently available on Amazon Prime, DVD and most online platforms. American Fango has won over 30 awards including Best Picture, Best Director & Best Produced Screenplay at Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards, Best Film at North Hollywood Cinefest, Best New York Film at the New York Independent Film Festival, Best Romantic Comedy at the Manhattan Film Festival, the Award of Merit at the the Indie Film Awards, Best Feature at The London Independent Film Awards, Best Director at the Frozen Film Festival and two Platinum and four Gold Awards at the International Independent Film Awards.

Donna recently booked and shot a principal role in Sarah Lancaster's feature Josie & Jack, and a supporting role in Gene Patterson and Eboni Boykins' short horror trilogy Aisle 6. She will be playing the lead role in Cindy Mich's upcoming short film Love's Two Way Mirror and a supporting role in her short film 100 Looks of Love. Cindy is the founder of the Art is Alive Film Festival as well as a radio host for Cin's Chat Corner. Catch American Fango one more time during a special screening at the Art is Alive Film Festival on Sunday August 19th at 11am followed by a Q & A. Tickets are available at



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